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What to Look for When Buying Organic Argan Oil


Argan Oil is well-known as one of the most expensive and rarest oils currently available. Original and pure Argan oil is difficult to obtain and its production is quite consuming which is why it is costly. Nevertheless, consumers still turn into it because of myriad of benefits. Because of the increasing demands, there are numerous manufacturers claiming to produce a pure and real Argan oil. Unfortunately, lots of them don’t really worth any if your penny. Taking the possibility of fake products, how can you verify authentic argan oil and avoid the fake one? Here are what to look for when buying argan oil:


·       Scent. Argan Oil has mild-nutty aroma which often referred by some as a smell of rubber band or popcorn. The scent fades few minutes after application to the skin. High quality Argan oil must also not be perfumed because the process of deodorization removes its natural scent along with numerous essential nutrients which makes it beneficial. Odorless or strong smelling oil must be avoided.


·       Sediment or residue. Sediment often indicates a good quality of the product. Typically, good oils will have some sediments at the bottles bottom and may appear a little bit cloudy. This is because sediments are part of natural product and usually appears if it is not highly-refined product.


·       Color. Argan Oil for cosmetics typically appears light-golden yellow. Argan oil for culinary, on the other hand will appear golden brown. Any color in between, lighter or darker may be an indication that there is other oil type mixed with the original one.


·       Texture. Argan oil should be non-stocky, smooth and just a little bit watery. This also gives a soothing effect once applied on skin.


·       Ingredients list. If you are after argan oil for cosmetics, better look for products that indicate only one ingredient- Argan Oil. No parrafinum, no fragrances, no preservatives, even water. Argan oil products must not include any chemicals or any ingredient because combining such will just result on a decline product quality.


·       Price. Don’t get fooled with cheap argan oil offered in the market. An authentic Argan oil will less likely to be affordable because of difficulty in manufacturing one. This oil is always labor-consuming, hard to produce, so manufacturers will less likely to offer it nearly for free. Nonetheless, the expensive one may not be authentic because the cost may just because of fancy packaging and marketing campaigns. The price of argan oil basically varies according to the concentration of the product. Price may be a little ineffective indicator of an authentic one but still quality products comes at reasonable price. You get what you pay for.


·       Packaging. Avoid Argan oil sold in plastic bottles. Better opt for glass packaging that is also fully-recyclable and eco-friendly. Products sold in clear glass may indicate that it is in good quality.

Argan oil is truly a miraculous product, used as cosmetic treatment and health booster. However, all its great benefits can vanished with a fake product. Next time you look for an argan oil product, make sure it worth the price and can provide genuine benefits you are looking for.


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