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The Argan Oil is a popular ingredient for skin care products. It came from the Argan tree seeds and is said to provide a lot of benefits. That is why people are so into purchasing them. However, just because the label states that it is 100% pure Argan oil, it does not mean that it is true at all. Nowadays, one needs to be a smart consumer.

Here are some guides in purchasing one:


·       Check its ingredients


You should know that not all Argan Oil products sold in the market are 100% pure Argan oil for some are mixed with chemicals and other ingredients that only degrades the quality of the said oil. Although Argan is an expensive oil, it should not contain fragrances, preservatives and even water for only that way it could be called as pure.


·       Don’t be deceived by the packaging


No matter how appealing or classy the packaging looks like, it does not assure you that it is pure. You should know that some manufacturers hide the fact that their products are impure by using pretty packaging. It would be best to select the one whose packaging is a glass bottles. Moreover, it would be a smart choice to go with an eco-friendly one. You should also remember that the one you would be spending your money on is not the packaging but its content.


·       Consider the price


The price is one of the factors that could help you in determining whether the one you are purchasing contains 100% pure Argan oil or not. You should know that it is not easy to produce or make the Argan Oil. Thus, you could expect that it would be pricy and not cheap for it would take hours of labour. This means that you should not even consider purchasing the one that is not even authentic for you would only be wasting your money on it. In addition, you would not be able to enjoy the benefits that the true and pure Argan Oil could provide you if you have only purchased the fake one.


·       If you can, smell it


The product should not contain any fragrances. Instead, it should smell greeny, nutty, raw or scents that are quite similar to the ones mentioned. You should definitely be careful of purchasing products that smells like perfume for the 100% pure Argan oil should not smell like that at all. If you wanted to purchase a high quality one, then you should purchase the undeodorized one for the deodorized one removes the original scent together with the other nutrients that you should be enjoying from it. In addition, without those things, it could not be called as Argan Oil.


Before purchasing one, you should also do your own research about the Argan Oil. That way, you would be able to have an idea about the things that you should look for in such products. By doing so, you would surely be able to purchase the 100% pure Argan oil.